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WPX Hosting Review 2019: WPX Vs Other WP Hosting Providers

Today we are reviewing WPX hosting and we are comparing some other web hosting with it. We will also see how we can get WPX hosting coupons to save money.

Web hosting is the most important component that handles our blog. The overall performance and speed are dependent on web hosting only. So good care should be taken to choose the right web hosting.

Today we are reviewing the WPX hosting and Bluehost and we will find out which one is better for bloggers.

WPX Hosting Review

Bluehost Overview

Bluehost is one of the best and reliable web hosting in the market. They are the top recommendation for creating a WordPress blog. Because the WordPress company itself has said it.

So there is no doubt in the service quality and WordPress support. They provide all the necessary components and services needed to host a WordPress blog. The services they provide are very affordable and are very popular among beginners.

Because they get all the required components within the they don’t have to pay extra money on other services. The best thing is that they are 100% committed to the quality of the service.

BlueHost Top Features

Free Domain Name(For 1 Year)

Bluehost offers a free domain name with any hosting package. So that newbies don’t have to pay money on expensive domain names. You get the top domain names which are .com, .net,.in and many more.

The domain name is free for 1 year only. Then you will have to pay some renewable fee to continue the service.

Free Site Migration

Free site migration is very helpful for those who have an existing website and want to shift to new web hosting. so Bluehost doesn’t charge any money to migrate your website on the servers. The process is completely free and effortless. 

Free SSL

Bluehost package comes with a free SSL certificate. This certificate is required for getting a secured connection. So that people can easily surf your websites without any fear of data theft. The SSL certificate also helps in ranking factors. Google gives higher priority to the SSL certificate than those don’t have.

30 Days Money Back Guarantee

If you are not satisfied with the overall service then you can cancel the web hosting plan. If you cancel the plan within 30 days of purchase then you will get a 100% refund without any question asked.

WPX Hosting Overview

WPX Hosting is the top-ranked web hosting in the market. The top websites like G2 Crowd and TrustPilot have scored it 9.8 and 4.9 respectively. so you can imagine how much people trust and love the services of WPX Hosting.

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WPX Hosting is a managed web hosting provider, so anyone who doesn’t have time to keep an eye on the servers and setting then WPX Hosting is the right choice. They provide all the services managed by themselves.

They take care of and maintain the servers for you. So you can do what you are best in. the have many premium features to offer in the hosting plan. Their hosting plan comes in different types so anyone with a specific resource can buy the hosting plan. This will avoid buying unnecessary services and will save your money with you.

WPX Hosting Top Features


For tackling the high traffic on enterprise-level websites WPX Hosting provides the CDN system. It is a simple system but very powerful to manage high traffic very effectively. The CDN system comes with an expensive price but in WPX Hosting you get for free.

Auto Backups

In other web hosting, you have to pay extra money for backups. But WPX hosting provides an automatic backup facility. So that bloggers can keep their blog safe in the server. And they can easily restore their website from the backups.

WordPress Support

WPX Hosting provides great support to WordPress websites. They offer all the updated features and services like PHP 7X, SQL database latest version, plugins and many more. So anyone can easily create their WordPress site from just a few clicks.

They also offer a WordPress quick installer, that will install WordPress into the system without any complicated procedures.

Multiple Domain Hosting

For those who own and manage multiple websites on different servers. Now they can manage and host multiple websites in a single hosting plan. The hosting plan includes multiple websites for hosting support. 

So that anyone can manage all their websites in a single place. So this will increase the productivity and efficiency in blogging.

Free SSL Certificates For All Websites

WPX Hosting offers free SSL certificates for all websites. So you don’t have to pay any penny on SSL. This will make all your website secure and increase its ranking. The SSL certificate is very important and you get it for all the websites.

Free Site Migration

Moving all your websites will cost you a huge price but not in WPX Hosting. because they provide unlimited site migration. So you can migrate all your websites to WPX servers. The process is very simple and doesn’t require your huge efforts.

30 Days Money Back Guarantee

WPX Hosting provides a 30 days money-back guarantee. So people who are not happy with the services then they can get their refund. So it is not like you are stuck after buying the hosting plan. You have a period of 30 days to test the product.


We have seen both the web hosting companies and their services. They are providing very good features. They both have their unique quality which people love.

If you are very serious about taking your blog to the enterprise level and don’t have time to check on servers. Then for you, WPX Hosting is the right choice. You can also get huge discounts using WPX Hosting coupons.

And on the other hand, if you only want a basic or medium-level web hosting then you can go for Bluehost. They both are best for hosting a WordPress website.

You can take a look at this site for more info.

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