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WPX Hosting Pricing Reviewed In 2021 – Everything You Need to Know About

WPX hosting is the fastest WordPress host in the market with extreme support to all over the world. Today we will be providing a quick overview of WPX hosting plan prices and features. So you will better understand their plans.

The WordPress platform allows anyone to build a website in just a few clicks. It has evolved, and the user interface is simple, so that even people with no special knowledge can easily create a website.

It is okay if you just want to have a small website for personal use then you don’t have to buy expensive web hosting. but if you are a  business owner or want to start an eCommerce store on WordPress. Then for that type of website you need a powerful webserver to handle large traffic and manage your servers for you.

Sound expense but what if I tell you that you can get the above web hosting for an affordable price. then you will see your dream coming true. It is possible because there are many web hosting which provides managed WordPress hosting. Like WPX hosting. We are going to explore the features and plans for WPX hosting.

WPX Hosting Quick Overview

WPX Hosting is the fastest WordPress managed hosting. Managed web hosting includes all the optimization and support to the servers and database are handled by the company. The client does not have to deal with the backend, they just click a button and use the customized dashboard.

WPX Hosting Pricing

WPX Hosting is ranked in the first position by G2 Crowd & TrustPilot. They have reviewed WPX Hosting thoroughly. So if you want to know in deep about it then you can read it on their official website.

WPX Hosting Plans

WPX Hosting provides managed WordPress hosting for WordPress websites. They offer different types of hosting plans based on usage. They are:

  • Business
  • Professional
  • Elite


A business hosting plan is the most basic plan offered by WPX Hosting. in this plan, you will get 5 websites hosting support along with storage space and bandwidth. The cool things are that they have their custom-built CDN system to manage large traffic on the websites.

A business hosting plan is best suited for medium-level bloggers who own many websites. They have the option to move all their websites to WPX servers for free. So it becomes very easy to manage all the websites.

The business plan will cost you 20.83$/monthly if you buy it for a yearly basis and will cost 24.99$/month for a monthly basis.


Professional is the second hosting plan of WPX hosting. in the professional hosting plan they offer website hosting limit up to 15 websites. The storage space you get is 20GB and 200GB bandwidth.

This much data resource is enough for handling professional level WordPress sites. They also provide WPX CND to manage the traffic stress on the servers and protect it from getting down.

The professional hosting plan is suitable for those who have business websites. the Elite plan will cost you 41.58$/month for a yearly basis and 49.99$/month for a monthly basis.


The Elite hosting plan is the last hosting plan in the list of WPX Hosting. the Elite hosting plan offers more data resources than both of the hosting plans. They offer domain hosting up to 35 websites. along with that, they provide 40GB storage space and unlimited bandwidth. So there is no bandwidth limit to the data transfer.

The elite plan will cost 83.25$/month yearly and 99$ for a monthly basis. With the hosting plan, they offer their custom cloud CDN system.

So we saw all the WPX hosting plans and their prices. If you will buy these hosting plans then it will cost less than monthly basis payment. We have only seen the hosting plans. The features of WPX Hosting are still to explore.

WPX Hosting Included Features


WPX has built its cloud CDN system to manage traffic and data transfer. The CDN system is a network of many servers located in different areas or countries. All the servers will have duplicate data from the main server.

So, when any request for data will be made from the user on the website. then the main server will identify the location and will direct the user to the nearest server. So the data can travel faster and reach the user in no time. This way the traffic gets distributed based on the location and the main server is kept stress free.

Managed SSD Severs

WPX Hosting offers managed SSD servers in all the hosting plans. The benefit of SSD drives is that it is 10x faster than ordinary drives. So the data will process at a much faster rate. Due to this, the user will feel a lightning-fast user interface.

Free Migration By WPX

If you don’t know how to migrate your website to WPX Hosting then no worry. Because WPX has a WordPress migration team that moves all your websites to the WPX servers within 24 hours of the request.

So, this way you don’t have to get yourself involved and you will get all the things done.

24/7 Superfast Response

Whenever you will face any problem with the settings or website then you can connect with the support within seconds. They have the fastest response time to your query. There are many ways from which you can contact them. if you are not comfortable with a phone call then you can chat with their support from live chat.

30 Days Money Back Guarantee

It is pretty hard for everyone to trust anything and WPX Hosting understands it. So the offer the 30 days money back offer. So the user is free to cancel and get the full money back. There is one condition which is you have 30 days to cancel the plan after that you cannot do anything. So you can try the web hosting for 30 days and test its features.

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