Nobounce Plugin Review

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Nobounce WordPress Plugin Review

Nobounce Plugin

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This crazy technology will not only give you the power of leveraging 100% of your website traffic, but will also improve your SEO rankings by minimizing the bounce rates.
We all know how important traffic is for any online business in the world. But did you know 50% – 87% of that traffic goes into drain. That’s right. It’s called “Bounce rate”. Bounce Rate is the percentage of visitors leaving your websites almost immediately after visiting your site and going back to where they came from. Having high bounce rates literally translates to bad Google ranking which in turn results in further loss of money, and bad SEO ranking.
Most of the visitors that bounce away from your websites, hit the back button to scoot away, and end up going back to Google or Facebook or wherever they came from, and you lose them forever. But what if you have the ability to send them to any website of your choice when they hit the back button? You think you would make more money?

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NoBounce Plugin Features:

Back Button Redirection
Allows you to set “page specific” URL, where your site visitors will land when they hit the back button
Time Based redirection
You can specify upto 3 URLs per page based on time. For example, if you want your visitors to go to your amazon affiliate link if they hit the back button within 30 seconds and your CPA offer if they leave after 30 seconds but before 2 minutes and some other affiliate offer if they hit the back button after 5 minutes.. Well, you could absolutely do that with our plugin
Ability to use all three features on a single page
Yes! You could, if you choose to, use the Back Button redirection, Exit Popup and Exit intent on a single page, all at once.
Capture leads with Exit Intent Feature
You can not only send the “Bouncing Traffic” to any page you want, but can also make them sign up to your email list when they try to leave the page .And YES! Before you ask the question, the answer is that we DO support ALL major autoresponders.
Show a Captivating Video
You can show a video explaining why they should consider being on your page instead of scooting away.
Show them a coupon code
Our exit intent feature allows you to show an image or a simple coupon code to motivate the visitors of your site and get that sale you deserve.
Have Total Control Over Your Pages
With, you have full control over the pages. This means, you can have a different campaigns for each page, where you can have different redirection settings.

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