Covert PinPress 2.0 Pinterest WordPress Theme

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Covert PinPress 2.0 Pinterest WordPress Theme

Covert PinPress 2.0 Theme

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What is Covert PinPress Pinterest WordPress Theme?

Covert Pinpress is a Pinterest Style WordPress Theme that makes your blog look, feel and work just like Pinterest! This WordPress Pinterest Theme feeds of the incredible buzz around Pinterest by making your blog look, feel and work exactly like this super hot social networking site. The theme comes with some very clever inbuilt traffic generation that will let you siphon free traffic from Pinterest and Facebook on complete autopilot.

Covert PinPress wp theme

Covert PinPress 2.0 wordpress pinterest theme is a super simple to use and install (1 click install) WordPress theme. That means it will work on any computer, all you need in order to use it, is a self hosted WordPress blog.

When you’re using the Covert PinPress 2.0 pinterest theme your blog will look, feel and work just like Pinterest, complete with:

  • Grid style post layout
  • Automatic loading of more posts when scrolling
  • The custom header with “nag bar” (a widget area you can put anything in, or turn off completely)
  • Your categories and pages as your navigation menu (just like on Pinterest).
  • And even though Pinterest doesn’t do it, we have added the option to use a side bar on the front page

Your visitors are much more likely to stick around, click on stuff and read your posts when you use this format.

And because it looks and works just like Pinterest – they will also like, share, comment etc. bringing you even more traffic (but more on that in a bit).

Covert Pinpress 2.0 wordpress pinterest theme is very easy to use

When you first install Covert PinPress 2.0 Pinterest WordPress Theme you will go through a super easy step by step wizard, in order to configure exactly what you want your site to look like and how it should work.

They have built in the ability to customize a lot of things, with just a few mouse clicks.

  • Upload your own logo in the header (or just use your WP title and tagline)
  • Add custom default images for posts that don’t have one.
  • Turn the widget ready “nag bar” on/off for home page and select how often it should reappear
  • Change the background color of the theme
  • Turn the widget ready sidebar on/off for the front page (have it on the left or right)
  • Use a widget ready left or right side bar (or both) on individual posts and pages
  • Show post title, excerpts, full post on the front page
  • Show comment count and comments on the front page (exactly like Pinterest does it)
  • And much more.

And you can use the Covert PinPress 2.0 Pinterest Style WordPress Theme to start new blogs – or to convert old ones that already have posts on them.

If you convert a blog – the theme will automatically grab a an image from your post to use on the front page – and if the post has no image it will use a default on (and you add your own default images).

How The Covert Pinpress 2.0 Pinterest Style WordPress Theme Siphons Hordes of Traffic from Facebook and Pinterest to your blog

When people hover their mouse over an image on your blog’s front page – 3 buttons will appear on top of the image. Covert PinPress 2.0 sharing functions

As you can see these buttons are precisely the same as on Pinterest

And since they have actually already been conditioned to utilizing them on Pinterest – and due to the fact that your blog looks exactly like Pinterest …

They will click them on your blog too!

And that’s when the really sneaky magic occurs …

  • If they click the “PinIt” button they will be taken to Pinterest – all prepared to repin your image (and post) on there. This will naturally offer you a link back to your blog site and potentially a Great Deal Of free pinterest traffic!
  • If they click the “Heart” (like) button (and lots of will certainly as on Pinterest that is the lazy choice that does not include any re-pinning) – they will really like your post on Facebook. This happens completely in the background and posts your image, text and most notably your link on their Facebook wall for ALL their pals to see. In our test this has proven to be an enormous viral traffic generator!
  • If they click the “Send out” button it will certainly provide them the option to email your post connect to a good friend, or to share your post on Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn & Google+.

The buttons right here work similar to described above … so another chance to get some sharing love producing complimentary traffic for you.

You’ll also observe the “website” button above the post and the from link below it.

This is precisely how Pinterest does it – and because of that a lot of individuals will certainly click on that link to see more (if they like the post they are on).

In the Covert PinPress theme you have the capability to set custom-made link like that for each of your posts

With ANY link and ANY anchor text you want – this is the ideal spot for monetizing your post with affiliate links.

The example above is in fact an Amazon affiliate link of ours – masked as a blog site link – but indicating book published by the guys running that blog (and as you can imagine it converts like crazy!).

And finally … We have actually conserved the very best bit for last! The Covert PinPress 2.0 theme lets your visitors discuss your posts using Facebook remarks!

Covert Pinpress 2.0 WordPress Pinterest Themes Widget Areas

The theme comes with 3 widget ready areas – including sidebars for all posts and pages.

Covert PinPress 2.0 also has actually two in constructed customized widgets that will certainly display recent and associated posts on your sidebars, similar to Pinterest does it.

Make use of these widget areas to include any WP widgets, advertisements, optin forms etc.

Covert PinPress 2.0 also has inbuilt theme ads.

You can utilize these for anything you desire, including banners, Google Adsense, Amazon widgets, customized HTML etc.

Merely configure the number of various advertisements you wish to show and where – then put in the code for your ads .

Get Covert Pinpress 2.0 Pinterest Style WordPress Theme today, click here

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